Don’t Waste Your time at home - 6 Things To Do Before Lockdown Ends!

July 11, 2020 4 min read

organised playroom with wooden toy box labels

As we come to the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, there’s a sense of reflection coming over how we used our time in lockdown. For some it’s been a light to reaffirm to us what really matters in life and what was unnecessarily taking up our precious time. For others, it was a stressful and frightening time that would much rather be left as a distant memory. For me, it got me thinking how I could have used what spare time I had better.


However you found this challenging time, there’s a light at the end of that tunnel. Life is slowly starting to return, even if it’s nothing like it was before. So, we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to send COVID off with a bang and restart 2020 with things that will actually bring joy.


Our top 6 things to do before COVID ends that are guaranteed to reassure you that you didn’t waste your lockdown time.


1. Reorganise the kids playroom


No doubt the kids playroom got a good working over the last 3 months with the kids home more than they’ve ever been! What I’ve found though, is the toy room pack up, especially when conducted by my toddler each night, wasn’t overly organised. There were building blocks with the toy cars and for the life of me I couldn’t find the triangle that went in ourshape sorter! So, I got in and cleaned it out. Man it felt good. All the boxes are labelled (if you’re looking for some reallypretty wooden toy labels we recently launched these!) and everything is now in its place. Ps: I also found the missing triangle shape!

wooden toy box labels playroom organisation labels




2. Rehome unused toys and clothes


Following on from number 1, if toys didn’t get played with over the lockdown, then it’s fair to say they’re on the out. As you’re organising the toy room, put aside the toys no longer being played with and take them to a charity or the salvos so they can be rehomed. This not only recycles and keeps our landfills clear, but helps kids experience the joy of toys they wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy.


3. Clear out the wardrobes


I know for a lot of us, lockdown made online shopping a whole lot more tempting. Of course, we have to fill the shopping void somehow! But the new clothes need to go somewhere. So a wardrobe clean out is the way to go. It is actually rejuvenating, sending the old clothes out but, just because you don’t wear them anymore, doesn’t mean they’re life is over. Take them to a second hand store so they can be resold and rehomed. The less we place in landfill, the better the environment. While you’re dropping your clothes off, have a wander around – you’ll be surprised over the bargains you can find. I found an almost new suede jacket for $25. There’s a lot of positives in recycling and rehoming!


4. Redecorate through upcycling


While you’re at the second hand store, make your way to the homewares and furniture sections. They’re gold mines! The number of treasures we’ve found that we’ve renovated and upcycled is amazing. We evenupcycled an old suitcase into a new bed for our dog! The world of upcycling is on the rise and it’s a great way to reuse and recycle plus get something pretty special out of it.

upcycled suitcase into dog bed



5. Get the veggie patch started


You might think it’s winter and not the time to start those garden projects, but that’s not the case. Winter is the perfect time to plant the veggie staples – cauliflower, carrots and peas. You don’t need a large area to plant, even an old tub or upcycled raised garden bed will do the trick. Plant the seeds and watch them grow. You’ll have fresh veggies in no time and save a few pennies in the weekly shop.


6. Get your cook on


The pantry is one of those places that has the door closed on a mass of sins. A pantry reorganisation and clean out is always on the list to do, but never actually makes it to the top of said list. What you might be missing out on is a whole lot of inspo for dinners and snacks for the kids with what’s lurking at the back of those shelves. Clean out your pantry and put aside anything you can use in meals for that week. You will be surprised what you can save and cooking up meals in bulk will free up a stack of time for the week to come.


What are your tips or must-do’s before the lockdown ends? We’d love you to share your ideas and what changes you made to your family’s lifestyle that you wish you did years ago.


Some more images of our new labels – I just can’t get enough of them!

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