Children's art: How to know what to keep

July 31, 2023 3 min read

Children's art: How to know what to keep

As a parent, you most likely have stacks of your children's artwork piling up somewhere in your home. From scribbles on scraps of paper to more intricate paintings, it can be tough to know what to do with all of these creations.

You may feel guilty about throwing anything away, but keeping everything may not be practical either. So, what should you do? Here are some tips on how to keep your children's artwork and know what to keep and what to throw away.

  1. Recognise the value of their creations

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge the significance of your children's artwork. To them, every piece they create is special and worthy of admiration. Your children put time and effort into their creations, and these works of art are a reflection of their creativity and imagination. So make a big deal of their little masterpieces!


2. Create a system for organising their artwork

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, consider setting up a system for organizing your children's artwork. This might mean designating a specific place to store their creations, such as a folderor a box. Label each piece with the child's name and date so that you can easily track their progress over time.

If you keep their artworks in a beautiful art binder, it can be something you are proud to display in your home and something they will love to pull out and look through or show off to loved ones when they visit.

3. Keep only the most meaningful pieces

It's okay to be selective about which pieces you keep. We’ve all done it, keeping far more than we need to because we feel guilty! Rather than keeping everything, focus on saving the most meaningful creations. These might be pieces that showcase significant milestones, such as the first time your child drew a recognizable figure or a self-portrait. Or, you might choose to keep a few standout pieces that showcase your child's unique artistic style.

I love looking back through my children’s art binders at their collection of creations, it’s always amazing to look back and see how much they have developed and changed over the years.

4. Consider digitising their artwork

If you're running out of physical storage space, consider digitising your children's artwork. This can be a great way to preserve their creations without taking up too much room in your home. Take photos or scan each piece and save them to a digital file. This also allows you to easily share your children's artwork with friends and family

5. Use their artwork to decorate

Another option is to use your children's artwork to decorate your home. Hang up some of their best pieces in an art display hanger and display them throughout the house or in their bedroom.

The fridge has always been a favourite to proudly display those creations over the years, so why not use a personalised art magnet and decorate the fridge with all the kids masterpieces. This not only celebrates your children's creativity but also adds a personal touch to your décor.





Keeping your children's artwork can be a beautiful way to preserve memories of their growth and creativity. However, it's important not to feel pressured to keep everything. By focusing on the most meaningful pieces and creating an organised system for storage and display, you can savour these special moments without feeling overwhelmed. Remember, it's not about keeping everything, but rather cherishing the changes and development of their art techniques.


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