Top 10 Must Keep Items For Your Baby's Keepsake Box

March 14, 2021 3 min read

Wooden baby keepsake box

Babies collect a lot of things over the journey and it can be hard deciding what to keep and what to pass on. After all, everything has a memory, and a special place in your heart. But there comes a point where said cuteness transitions from keepsakes to hoarding and space is one of those things that disappears before our eyes.

To save the space and storage problem,Keepsake Boxes are a great way to keep baby’s precious memories safe and organised. They’re decorative boxes that keep your mementos in one convenient place and can be passed down to your child as a reminder of where they came from.

So what are the best special baby items to keep that will bring back all those memories without costing us rental fees at King’s storage!


Personalised Timber Keepsake Box


1. The Hospital Tag


This is the very first thing placed on your baby after birth. It has their name, Mum’s name and their birth weight and is a special reminder of their entrance into the world. This would be numero uno in the keepsake box!


2. Their First Shoes


Those cute little shoes that are miniature versions of yours have to be in the box. You’ll look back and wonder how their feet ever fit in them!

Wooden baby keepsake box


3. Their First Outfit


You spent month’s finding the perfect “coming home” outfit, so it’s only fitting that it takes pride of place in the box too.


4. Their 1st Birthday Outfit


It’s their first celebrated milestone and all the family were there to celebrate. And, it’s another one of those special, cute little outfits you spent month’s agonising over! It’s in the box.

Need first birthday outfit inspiration? Check out the beautiful ladies atIn the Meadow

Wooden baby keepsake box


5. A lock of their Hair


A lot of people keep a lock of their baby’s hair or a piece of hair from their first haircut. It takes up no space at all, but can be easily lost so another good item for the box. Pop it in an envelope or zip lock bog for extra safe keeping.


6. Their Baby Blanket


That precious blanket you use to wrap your baby up in and take all those beautiful newborn photos needs to be in the box, your child might even love using this for their own children one day.

Want to see my favourite baby blankets?! They’re from the beautifulHeritage Blankets

Baby shower gift - baby keepsake box


7. Their Favourite Toy


Some kids keep their favourite baby toy in a safe place of their own, even when they’re all grown up because they know how special it is. But if your child is happy to part with it, a good place to keep their first little friend safe and sound is in the keepsake box.


8. Important photos and scans


Your baby scans were the first time you saw your baby. I’m sure, like me, they brought up emotions in you that you never even knew existed. So it makes sense to keep those memories treasured forever too.


9. Your Baby Journal


A lot of new Mum’s are gifted a baby journal at their baby shower. Placing the book in this box is a good way to keep it safe and have it handy anytime your child asks questions about their childhood.

Want something a little different to your regular baby journal? Check out our 50 Questions journal from the Tiny Little Dreamer – This has 50 questions for you to ask your children every year to see how their answers change. A beautiful way to set aside some bonding time with your little one and a book that will be cherished forever.

Baby Journal Keepsake Box


10. Other Milestone Photos


Your child has a lot of firsts in their early years including the first day of kindergarten, first day of school or first report card. All these special firsts can go in the keepsake box as a reminder of their journey.


Other ideas could be:

  • a copy of the newspaper from the day they were born,
  • a coin from the year of their birth,
  • Card from birthdays, Christenings or when they were born
  • Their dummy
  • A cast of the hand or foot prints


Don’t know where to get a keepsake box from?


We’ve just introduced a gorgeous range ofpersonalised Keepsake Boxes that are big enough to keep all of these precious items in a safe place for many years to come. They’re slightly bigger than the size of an A3 piece of paper and deep enough to hold shoes, blankets, bunny rabbits and more!

We love the idea of a keepsake box and cherish the memories we can put in there that will last a lifetime.

Wooden baby keepsake box

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