Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas For One Year Olds

December 01, 2021 4 min read

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas For One Year Olds

What do you buy a one year old for Christmas?

It’s a question a lot of new parents and family members of a one year old child ask themselves. It’s a tricky age because the newest family member isn’t quite a baby anymore, but they’re not a toddler either. They don’t really understand Christmas or gifts, yet love the excitement of it all.

So, apart from a roll of wrapping paper, what do you buy a one year old for Christmas? And how do you make sure it's safe, sustainable and eco-friendly?

As you may know, we welcomed our baby daughter late last year. Last Christmas was easy because she was so young and all she cared about was her next feed. Now that she’s just turned one, we were thinking about what to get our one year old for Christmas. Do we go for the parent gifts, toys, clothes or a mix of all the above?

As it’s her first real Christmas that she can actually enjoy, we’re making it all about her and going for the toys and the Keepsakes of course. Eco-friendly toys that we know are safe. But, in true Honeycomb Living style, the parents will love them too!

Join us as we inspire your Christmas shopping this year with our favourite eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas for one year olds. We’ve featured a range of small businesses so you can feel comfortable in the fact you’re supporting small this year.


Stacking Boats - Maddie & Me

I love these stacking boats from Maddie and Me. They’re eco-friendly, BPA free and made from wheat straw plastic. Being stackable, they take up less space in the bathroom and provide hours of playtime both in and out of the bath. They are great for building hand-eye coordination and the colours are very neutral too.


Stacking Boats


Stacking Cups - Boho Wild Child

Anything that stacks is a win when it comes to one year olds. They seem to have a built in mode that requires them to build and pile things up to see how high they can go. The good thing about stacking toys is they build motor skills that can help with dexterity as they grow and strengthen fingers ready for writing. And, as one year olds love to stack and build things, these stacking cups provide hours of fun - leaving you time to enjoy a sneaky cuppa!


Universe Teething Stacker - Honeycomb Living

This is one of our favourites. Our daughter loves to stack and chew and our Universe Teething Stacker ticks both those boxes. The beechwood used in these stackers is all natural and toxic free, eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial, so there’s no holding onto germs or bacteria like so many plastic toys can. It’s a worry free toy that one year olds will absolutely love!


Tikiri Toys - Monkey Tree Store


I love the Tikiri toy range of cute little animals for play time. The beauty of these toys is they’re made of sustainable natural rubber and don’t have a hole in them! This means they are safe for play in the bath without filling with water. And we all know what harm stale water sitting in bath toys can do. These are safe, fun and sure to be a hit for one year olds this Christmas.

Silicone Stacking Toy - Honeycomb Living

Another fan favourite, our one year daughter loves her silicone stacking toy. As she’s teething, we’ve found it makes a great teething toy as well as a play toy. And being non-toxic, eco-friendly and free from all the nasties, there’s no stress when she does put it in her mouth. The other bonus is it’s dishwasher safe, so if it does get grubby, it’s a super easy clean. Speaking from experience, it keeps my little one entertained on her own for a good length of time.


Strolley - Olli Ella

Kids love to push things. Whether it be a pram, trolley or truck, these toys seem to keep little ones entertained for hours on end. What I love about the Strolley is how it doubles as a pram and a trolley, meaning they can enjoy pushing their dolls and toys around or engage in shopping play. The flexibility of the Strolley means my 3 year old son can join in the play time too with a trolley for all his toys. It’s a great unisex toy that all the kids can play with.


50 Questions Journal - Honeycomb Living

I cannot go past these journals for a first birthday present or gift for a one year. The Fifty Questions journal is a unique twist on your average baby book capturing your loved one’s milestones through their responses to the same questions every year on their birthday (or whenever you have time to sit down for one or a few solid blocks of time together) for 18 years.

This is more than just a record - it creates an opportunity for us to be fully attuned to our loved ones, giving them a feeling of connection, belonging and love. This is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to a loved one.



I hope this has helped with inspiring your Christmas gift ideas for your one year old. Now I’m off to get my Santa stocking fillers before they all sell out.

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