50 Questions Journal

Fifty Questions is a unique twist on your average baby book capturing your loved one’s milestones through their responses to the same questions every year on their birthday (or whenever you have time to sit down for one or a few solid blocks of time together).

Fifty Questions is more than just a record - it creates an opportunity for us to be fully attuned to the internal world of our loved ones, giving them a feeling of connection, belonging and love. This is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to a loved one.


  • Case-bound hard cover book
  • Eighty pages
  • One double spread of 50 questions from one to 18 years
  • One blank and one lined page per year for photos and notes
  • Journal measures 21 x 26 cm
  • Inclusive language for LGBTIQ families
  • Gender neutral
  • Designed and printed in Australia!

In the early years, you simply record what you think they would say if they could talk. You can write down their answers to the questions when they’re a little older, or encourage them to do it themselves – documenting the change in their handwriting as time passes within the pages of the journal.

Why is it the best baby book around?

This journal is SO much more than just the answers written on the page. Firstly, it does have a first page where you can complete details about your loved one including about their birth, their features when they were born and their family. Most importantly though, the solid chunks of one on one or family time, with work and phones and meal prep aside is just as, or even more valuable than the answers jotted onto the pages. Fifty questions is laid out as prompts to start silly conversations with your three year old, or perhaps deeper, more serious conversations with your pre-teen. It's all about communication, fun and time together.

How to use this baby journal:

Complete the questions either one on one, or as a whole family (this is fun with the bigger kids, especially between the ages 6 and 10). You can fill the pages with photos, messages and personal tidbits too. Drawings your child has done (watch how they change over the years!), perhaps them writing their name, or even them leaving a special message to you (or you to them). The smallest handwritten note is precious, not just for the words, but for the unique flair that’s preserved on paper. You can add in your own more personal questions, or perhaps a reflection on completion.

This baby book really is the perfect baby shower or baby sprinkle gift, newborn gift, gift for a new, first time parent, or seasoned parent. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

-- WARNING -- 
Please read carefully and retain this information. This product is not a children's to or teething toy and should NOT be used to chew or mouth on. This product is not suitable or recommended for children/babies under 36 months old and should be kept out of reach of children. Any biting, rough play and general misuse of this product will cause it to become damaged. Do not put this product in or near water or any flame. Any alterations or additions made to this product are at your own risk and The Tiny Little Dreamer and Honeycomb Living will not be held liable for any damage or injury arising from both the altered products or the alteration process. The Tiny Little Dreamer and Honeycomb Living will not be held liable for any accident or injury related to misuse of this product.

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