There is so much focus on recycling in the world of sustainability – how to properly recycle, using products that can be recycled and minimising overall waste through recycling. Many more individuals and businesses alike are beginning to realise the impact this can have and jumping on board. Another recent trend that has started gaining big popularity over the past few years is Upcycling, this is the process of creatively reusing old or discarded products and transforming them into something new and beautiful to reduce our environmental footprint. The popularity of upcycling is  evident in the increased traffic through Charity and second hand shops – what once had a stigma attached to it is now becoming increasingly more trendy. A lot of people seem to love Upcycling so much because they are able to create a beautiful piece that is completely one of a kind. We were recently lucky enough to have our gorgeous dog bed which was upcycled from a Vintage Suitcase featured in an article written by The Spruce. This was a fun project that made a usually ugly dog bed that was a bit of an eyesore into a gorgeous one of a kind piece that looks great in the living room! We would love to hear what projects you have made by Upcycling! Let us know what you have created or what ideas you have. Check out the Spruce’s article on 10 Creative ways to decorate with Vintage Suitcases for more great ideas about how you can use an old suitcase and turn it into something beautiful!  

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