Genius Uses For A Wet Bag That You Never Knew… Until Now!

September 15, 2020 3 min read

Genius uses for wet bags that you never thought of by honeycombe living

Wet Bags are an essential item if you’re using cloth nappies for your baby. Without the ability to dispose of the nappy whilst out and about, it’s got to go somewhere, right! They’re water resistant, easy to clean and some have two compartments to conveniently separate the soiled from the clean. Genius really!


But what about once baby’s outgrown nappies? What happens to your wet bag then?

The real benefit ofwet bags is they replace plastic bags. So whilst plastic bags are one use only, wet bags can be used for years to come and we’re not just talking for nappy transportation either!


We’ve got some great ideas to reuse those wet bags long after bubs is out of nappies.


  • Swim lessons or school swimming carnivals.Swimming lessons and school carnivals means wet bathers (or togs for our QLD readers), loose goggles and odd thongs. Kids aren’t great at putting things away or keeping the wet from the dry. But a wet bag with 2 easy to use compartments will help keep the swim gear organised and school bag dry. It’s best to wring the wet items out though, the bags aren’t 100% waterproof.
  • Library bag.How many times do you head to the library and forget the library bag? That spare wet bag in the car is mighty handy right about now isn’t it.
  • Make up bag.Now the kids are out of nappies, you might actually have time for make up again!
  • Snack bag. Keep your snacks all together and even separate the kids snacks from yours so you don’t end up with the coco pop bar at lunch!
  • Daycare. Keep all the daycare essentials all together and the clean and dirty things separate.
  • Toiletry bag when on holidays. Going to and from the toilets in caravan parks can be annoying, at least carrying your personal effects can be a lot easier.
  • Storage for wipes. Even though the kids are out of nappies, they don’t seem to get any cleaner. Wet ones are your friend for life.
  • Car storage. Hang your wet bag on the back of the car seat to store snacks, wipes, toys or anything you can think of.
  • Picnics. Take your food utensils and cutlery in a clean wet bag and then place the soiled ones in the other pocket. Also good for keeping spare utensils handy for eating out.
  • First aid kit. Make yourself a DIY first aid kit and store it in the car or your handbag.
  • Storing spare kids clothes. How many times do you go out and the kids get wet, muddy, dirty or spill their drink? I have to say every other time, but that could just be me! The two compartments are handy for keeping clean and dirty clothes separate in case of such emergencies.
  • Breast pump.Wet bags are great for storing your breast pump. One side can be for unused parts and the other for the used parts to keep it all hygienic.



What do you use your wet bag for? Can you think of any uses we might have missed?


If you’re reading this and thinking you need to invest in a wet bag, we can help you out! We’ve got abeautiful range of wet bags that come in all sorts of pretty designs. But be careful, you won’t be able to stop at just one. Trust me, they’re like shoes and handbags.

Luckily, we also offer wet bag bundles so you can build your stash!







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