Did you know the best razors are eco-friendly?

September 30, 2020 3 min read

Did you know the best razors are eco-friendly?

When it comes to shaving, most of us don’t realise the impact our little plastic razor has on the environment.


When you think of all the disposable things in the bathroom, the inconspicuous razor is the least eco-friendly of them all. Shampoo bottles, body wash bottles and even face wipes are mostly recyclable or biodegradable. But razors are still filling up landfill all over the world with no biodegradability or recyclability in sight. Apart from the metal razor piece itself which will eventually rust and decompose, the plastic handles will remain in the ground for decades or even centuries.


Razors aren’t that big, so we generally don’t think much of them in terms of being bad for the environment. Thankfully, there are reusable razors that are eco-friendly and pretty attractive if we do say so ourselves!


Environmental Impacts:

A disposable razor has roughly 4 – 8 uses (if we’re lucky) before it’s thrown away for a fresh one. Multiply that by a year and one person could go through as many as 90 razors in one year! Just say there are 3 people in your household using razors, that’s now 270 plastic, non-biodegradable razors being put into landfill from one home. Multiply that by the population of Australians who would use disposable razors and the number is pretty scary. Maths wasn’t my strong suit, but you get the picture!


The Best Razor Alternative:

Safety Razors have been used for centuries for shaving and old fashioned barbers still use them in force today. The handles of Safety Razors are generally made from steel or chromed zinc alloy and are as strong as they come. There have been reports of Safety Razors lasting literally a lifetime – we’re talking over 100 years! The handles are fitted with removable stainless steel blades, so they are the only things that need to be disposed of.


The blades of safety razors come in various styles to suit the type of shave you prefer as well as skin types. “Open Comb” models have been the buzz of the shaving community.

Of course you can also get closed comb as well as slant or straight designs. All give a unique shaving experience and it’s really down to personal preference. We have a great guide at the end of this blog that covers all the variations.


Removable blades are readily available in all good department and convenience stores and of course, you can always check out yours truly 😉


Disposable Razors vs Safety Razors

 On face value, a packet of disposable razors does seem like good value for money. I mean, you can pick up a 10 pack for as little as $4. But over the course of a year, that $4 turns into roughly $36. Still not a deal breaker. Now let’s talk over 10 years. All of a sudden, we’re at $360 just to shave our face or legs. The cost of a lifelong safety razor will set you back just under $50. So, in just over a year, it’s paid for itself! And think about the positive effects you’re having on the environment.

Where do I buy one?

I’m so glad you asked because it’s never been easier to purchase yourself a gorgeoussafety razor. Here at Honeycomb Living, we havebeautiful safety razors for both men and women. My personal favourite is ourParker 29L Safety Razor. Who knew shaving could be so fashionable!

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