How to throw a plastic free party

September 25, 2019 4 min read

Plastic Free party Cake

Have you ever thrown a party or been to one and thought, wow there is so much plastic here?!

Noone wants to be left feeling guilty after a party, its a time for celebration after all!

Here are some simple tips to throw your next party with little to no plastic.

1. Avoid plastic plates and cutlery

How many times have you tried to cut something with your plastic cutlery only to have it snap and end up completely useless! Bamboo cutlery is a great alternative and is so much stronger than plastic.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly and rapidly renewable material due to it’s quick growth time and ability to be harvested without deforestation. Once used bamboo cutlery can be thrown into your home compost and will degrade naturally, creating nutrient rich soil that helps other plants to grow.

You can also use biodegradable plates which are made from plants that are sustainable and renewable such as sugar cane, corn and potato starch. These can also be composted in your own backyard compost.

Crafting a some cocktails or special drinks for your party? Choose for reusable bamboo strawsinstead of plastic straws. In Australia alone, an estimated 10 million single-use plastic straws are thrown away every day, and during events and the holiday season, this can be much higher. If you really want to impress your guests, theotherstraw offers customised bamboo straws for parties. They’re sustainable, compostable, and stylish, the perfect addition to your party drinks and decor!

2. Invest into quality decorations that you can use again and again.

When I had my son’s first birthday I wanted to have some beautiful decorations but was disappointed by all the banners and signs that were printed on plastic. I knew these would just end up being thrown out afterwards. It was for this reason that we created a timber Birthday wall script, we wanted to be able offer people something beautiful that they could use year after year for different birthday parties and photo shoots.

Get your Birthday script now!

Ditch the plastic bunting and invest into a fabric set with a lovely print or block colour, choose something that you think you could use for future parties or even to style your home. Below is a beautiful example of some fabric bunting by handmade business August & Poppy.

3. Offer plastic free party bags & toys

Cheap plastic toys in party bags are likely to break before the party is even over or usually within a week or two after. Rather than using plastic toys to fill your party bags, choose party favours that a child is able to get creative with.

Check out The Eco Party Place who offer activity themed plastic free party bag packs including Grow Kits, Playdough Kits, Gemstone Dig & Discover and much more! They also have little items that are perfect for creating a plastic free game of pass the parcel!

Look at how you can swap typical party toys and put a more sustainable spin on them. For my son’s first birthday we created our own pin wheels out of seeded paper that our guests could play with and then take home to plant and grow daisies!

4. Swap plastic confetti for Eco Confetti

Have you seen confetti made from leaves? This is a wonderful way to have beautiful confetti without the tiny micro plastics being thrown into the air only to end up blown into our water ways. You could make a fun activity of making your own confetti from leaves or can purchase some already made from places such as Blue Mountains Eco Confetti

5. Give an Eco-friendly card

Cards may be made from paper, however this does not mean they are all recyclable. The moment they have things such as glitter, metallic inks, foil or embellishments like ribbons or stones they cannot be recycled. Opt for a plain paper card, recycled card or a card made from seeded paper. Check out the adorable plantable cards from Seeds the Day below.

6. Skip the balloons

It’s no secret that balloons have very detrimental effects on the environment and wildlife, especially when released into the air. Even latex balloons which are considered biodegradable can take anywhere from 6 months to 4 years to break down and can do a lot of damage in that time. Wildlife can mistake the brightly coloured latex for food and the ribbons and strings can entangle them. 

Some options to swap for balloons

  • Use tissue pom poms or paper fans as decorations. You could make these yourself and even reuse them for future parties. These can provide a fun pop of colour.
  • Blow bubbles – What child doesn’t love bubbles?!
  • Rather than doing a balloon release – Fly a kite.

    If you do end up with a balloon, make sure to dispose of it safely – pop the balloon, cut the ribbon off, cut it up and put it into the garbage. This will make it less likely for wildlife to swallow the whole balloon and become entangled in the ribbon.

    Even using a few of these tips at your next party can help to reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting our environment and the Earth will thank you for it. So off you go, have fun at your party without guilt! You earned it!!

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