The Ethical Smoothie Straw & Cleaning Brush


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Premium eco friendly re-usable smoothie straw and cleaning brush. This straw is wider than the standard straight straw, perfect for enjoying thick shakes and smoothies.

Carry this straw with you and say no to disposable plastic straws.
Made from high quality stainless steel. The ethical straws are 100% BPA free and 100% reusable.

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This premium grade stainless steel straw with cleaning brush is stylish and slim so you can carry your straw with you but wide enough for you to enjoy your favourite thick shake or smoothies.

Single use plastic straws represent one of the major contributors to plastic pollution with over 500 million plastic straws being thrown away across the globe every single day, destroying eco systems, and killing marine life not to mention the unnecessary fossil fuels wasted in creation and disposal. Being non biodegradable plastic straws can exist in the environment for thousands of years, leaving them free to kill marine life again and again.

This stainless steel straw is completely recyclable, so if your straw is damaged beyond repair simply place it in your usual recycling bin.

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