Fully Biodegradable dog waste bags – 6 month supply


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The “Oh Crap” biodegradable dog poop bags are plastic free made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA/PVOH).

These bags will breakdown in landfill within 6 months! Unlike plastic bags that can take up to 1000 years to breakdown.

The 6 month supply of biodegradable dog poop bags (190 bags) will help you make a real  difference 190 times! It also comes with a bonus weatherproof carry bag.

Your 6 month pack will make a fantastic difference to our environment on a daily basis. Every plastic bag we keep out of landfill is a gift – Over 1,000,000  and counting!

  • Gone in landfill in 6 months
  • A great way to make an ongoing difference
  • Every bag counts
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In Australia there are approximately 3.4 million dogs that create over 1200 kilograms of waster PER DAY!

That could be 1.3 BILLION plastic waste bags going into landfill (and that’s only if your dog goes once a day!)

Statistics show that up to 4% of landfill is dog waste. Plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to break down. The “Oh Crap” dog waste bags provide an alternative to plastic that will break down within 6 months!

This is an easy way to make a difference in the world, switch from plastic bags to an eco-friendly “green” alternative using these bags made from Polyvinyl Alcohol to pick up your dog waste and the bag and the poop will quickly begin to break down when buried.

The “Oh Crap” biodegradable collection bag is specially formulated to have appropriate water resistance and disintegration. It can be used to collect the dog waste with certain water content without dissolution or breakage. It will disintegrate rapidly in landfill, and biodegrade completely – not into small pieces, completely gone. Fully biodegradable. It will not do any harm to human or environment.

We have a choice – place our dogs waste into plastic to sit in landfill for the next 1000 years or enable them to be back into the ground in 6 months – Isn’t it time to make the switch?


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