Deluxe Raw Beechwood Play Gym Package – SINGLE FRAME & TOYS


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Arabella + Autumn Play Gyms are a stylish statement piece that will fit seamlessly into any home. Our exclusive design with unique beechwood end balls will be the baby item you won’t want to pack away when guests arrive!

The Single Play Gym Package includes three toys.

Arabella + Autumn Play Gym Toys are made with the highest quality silicone and beechwood beads, rings and shapes secured by strong nylon cord making the play gym toys not only approved for use on the Arabella + Autumn play gyms but when your baby outgrows their gym they can removed and used as hand held toys.

With certified teethers, moving parts and woody sounds, Arabella + Autumn Play Gym Toys provide your baby with so many sensory delights as well as all being completely safe for your baby to chew.

The beechwood products are all natural and toxic free, eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial. The silicone products are made from 100% food grade silicone and are free from BPA, Lead, Cadmium, Phthalates, PVC and Latex. They will not absorb odours or support the growth of mould, bacteria or fungus.

Turnaround time: 4-6 weeks

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