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Discover the ease of Modern Cloth Nappies with the Eco Naps Convertible Cloth Nappy. The unique design allows to you tailor every aspect, from the absorption and nappy style, right down to even the type of fabric that sits next to bubs skin.

Made from the highest quality fabrics, choose from a range of designer prints, all hand styled in Byron Bay, NSW.

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The Summer Blooms Cloth Nappy Includes:

>>  Convertible Cloth Nappy Outer Shell in Summer Blooms print

>>  Convertible Insert Set – with up to 5 different absorption settings

>> Full Use and Care Instruction Card

And the best bit? These cloth nappies are 100% Australian designed, owned and operated – whats not to love!

Convertible Nappy Size

Easily size your Modern Cloth Nappy, with the snap of a few buttons, to fit a tiny Newborn baby right up to a busy Toddler, and everything in between.

Fits from approx 3.5 – 16kg.

Convertible Nappy Style

Choose the Modern Cloth Nappy style that works best for you. Whether it’s an All-in-2 nappy with snap-in style inserts, for a simple to use, easy to wash and quick to fold nappy option, or a Pocket Style Nappy which is great for wriggly, busy toddlers, boosting at night times, and keeping things simple for Daddy’s, daycare and Grandparents.

Convertible Nappy Absorption

We all know absorption is a key factor when it comes to Modern Cloth Nappy success. Too little, you’ll get leaks or be changing every hour. Too much, and you have one very bulky tushie!

That’s why EcoNaps have come up with the perfect solution, giving you four different absorption options to choose from. That way, you know you’ll always be covered.

 Convertible Fabric

Deciding on the type of fabric sitting next to bubs bottom often comes down to personal preference, and what works best for your baby. Some parents prefer to choose a natural fibre, while others want a stay-dry option.

This is left entirely up to you, by allowing you to choose what goes next to bubs skin –  the Bamboo Inserts, or the Stay-Dry Suede layer of the cover.

Eco Naps have also included some other cool snazzy features to help you get everything you’ve ever wanted from a Modern Cloth Nappy, and much, much more!

Additional settings & features to help with:

  • Boys
  • Tummy sleepers
  • Explosive Newborn Poos
  • Keep your liners in place


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